Types of Bohemian Styles


Inspired by the 60s, a hippie bohemian wears bright colors & tie-dye prints, maxi dresses, headbands, and sandals. Vintage shirts paired up with maxi skirts are a must, especially when combined with your favorite leather jacket.

Wild Child

With a style stuck in the '70s this Bohemian babe loves a thick chunky heel, A cute clog, the highest of high platforms, ultra-belled bottoms, flared and full  sleeves in dramatic patterns are a mainstay in the wardrobe of a wild child. The wild child gravitates to 70s staples, especially when paired with chunky beads and wooden accents.


Vintage and flowy, crochet, appliques, and maxis are on the checklist of a romantic. A romantic loves softer hues, ivories, and pastel tones, the romantic brings to mind a sense of whimsy and fairytales. Floral patterns, sheer fabric,  loose curls, and sparkling accessories are all part of the romantic style.


Dark hues, black, leather, studs, and more form-fitted silhouettes are part of the gothic style. Vintage shirts, metallic details, leather accessories, and an all too familiar  grunge element that is a staple of the gothic style, the beauty of this type of bohemian is that it merges two wonderfully unique styles without looking disjointed.


Daisy dukes and  Cowboy boots, and a lot of denim, are what you can usually find a Rustic in. They love leather belts, western accessories, fringe, and a good stiff brim hat. The rustic in touch with the earth will usually gravitate toward warmer hues like gold, flax, and chocolate.


The Haute bohemian aesthetic is a significantly more polished version of the often disheveled boho style. Drawn to clothes that are high-quality versions of the often worn-out options the other bohemian styles go for. You will often see a Haute bohemian in linen and silk. While the Haute will stay true to the bohemian style of the long and flowy, their colors are usually a bit more mute than say the Hippie or the Wild Child. Don't let that fool you they still love their patterns most usually going for lace for a more subtle and chic look that more closely fits their style


Bespoke bohemians are an amalgam of styles, expertly blended together in one imperfectly perfect subgroup. While following zero fashion rules, the eclectic creates a very unique sense of being, where creativity is the main factor. The fact that there is no one way of doing bohemian here at Bohemian Haven the belief is that most bohemians fall into this category.