What Is So Special about the Cayman Islands?

There are many unique things about the Cayman Islands; however, one of the most interesting is the eclectic mix of diverse settlers originally found there. These original settlers came in the form of pirates and sailors.

While you will not see any original pirates, there are many hidden treasures in the Cayman Islands that make them unique unto themselves. Here are just a few:


Seven Mile Beach is the Grand Cayman Islands’ biggest tourist attraction. This particular stretch of beach was given the distinct honor of being known as the “Caribbean’s Best Beach.” And for good reason.

Here you can go for a long stroll on a beautiful beach and take in sights such as the many open-air restaurants and beachside bars. You can listen to music, sunbathe, and swim. Reefs located throughout these waters are perfect for first-time snorkelers.

Cayman Kai is another amazing attraction, especially for those seeking the beach experience that it is off the beaten path. Snuggled away on the northern tip of Grand Cayman Island, water sports, glorious water views, and a scenic lagoon are all awaiting to enchant you.


Not only is Grand Cayman known for being the best beach, it is also world renowned for being one of the best places for diving. Grand Cayman is also known as the place of origin for diving. There are many sites to choose from and excellent visibility goes beautifully hand in hand with the most exquisite array of colorful marine life.

There is no place else like it in the world for the most breathtaking diving you can find.

Stingrays: Up Close and Personal

Imagine having a city named after you – then imagine a city named after stingrays. Stingray City in Grand Cayman is unique in that you can enter the stingray’s natural habit, meet, and greet them up close and personal.

What an experience it would be to meet a stingray while standing in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean. Nowhere else can you have an experience this close in as natural a habitat as this one.

What is also unique about Cayman Islands is that you do not have to spend all your time in or near the water. Golfing, spas, shopping, and dining abound here and are just as exquisite as the ocean around them.

Incorporate nightlife into your planning and you will be delighted to find sunsets that rival any other. Restaurants and beachside bars that serve rum only made in the Cayman Islands are a treat in itself.

Add in music and laughter as the perfect backdrop for those sunsets and you will see what is so special about the Cayman Islands.

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