New Adventures in Aruba

New Adventures in Aruba

Whether you have been to Aruba before or going for the first time, adventure waits for you. There are so many new things to see and try every time you visit, you will not be at a loss for new adventures in Aruba.

From beaches to water activities and fine dining to shopping, there is a bevy of activity in Aruba. In addition, if you are not seeking much in the way of activity, there are exquisite things to do in search of nothing more than rest and relaxation.

Glorious Beaches of Aruba

The most raved about beach in Aruba is the Palm Beach. There is nothing on Palm Beach you cannot find to satisfy your vacation needs. Palm Beach offers a few miles of pure beachfront and calm, tranquil waters.

If you desire relaxation, you can find it on Palm Beach. If you are in search of a little more excitement, beachfront bars and water sports await the more adventurous side of you. Top it off with fine dining and shopping true to the native culture of Aruba, and you have a mix of many wonderful adventures.

Eagle Beach and Manchebo Beach are also popular among visitors for many of the same reasons as Palm Beach. The water is calm enough for exquisite snorkeling on these beaches while Boca Prins and Dos Praya boast mighty waves and currents from the ocean. These beaches have access by off-road vehicles and are usually favorites of hikers and horseback riders.

Underwater Activities

The Atlantis Submarine is a tour you do not want to miss. In just under an hour, you will see marine life and coral reef up close and personal without having to don scuba equipment and a snorkel. Imagine being in a submarine and taking in the sights and sounds of an underground world.

Sail on Aruba’s calm waters to a perfect locale for your snorkel excursion. Marine life, reef, and perhaps even an old shipwreck await your discovery.

Above Water Activities

Catamaran Cruises – There may be no better way to take in the view of the water than aboard a catamaran cruise. You are close to the sparkling blue water as you sail along, perhaps into the sunset.

Seaworld Explorer is the best of both worlds. You can board a vessel that sails along above sea level while its underbelly submerged for spectacular views for which all the Caribbean Sea world is famous. You will even see the famous World War II shipwreck known as “The Antilla.” Not only will you see beauty in these waters, you will also view a part of history.

Just visiting Aruba and partaking in its glorious water activities whether below or above water and on the beaches is enough to get you started on your next Aruba adventure.

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