Getting to Know the Culture of Barbados before You Go

culture of barbados

Many individuals will plan a vacation around excursions, things to do, and activities such as sightseeing. However, a new trend is developing wherein people want to explore territory not just for their activities but also for their culture, as well.

To say that Barbados culture has its own distinct ways is an understatement. Food, music, and architecture leave visitors to Barbados wanting to return for more of that old-world charm.

Foods of Barbados

The food of Barbados combines an eclectic mix of Indian, African, and British flair. One of the most well-known dishes in Barbados is that of flying fish. Flying fish have the gift of leaping out of the water and glide through the air. While this type of fish may not look very appealing, as a primary dish served in Barbados, you are sure to try it while there. You can try it either fried or steamed.

Another well-known dish associated with Barbados is coucou, which consists of corn flour and okra. Since this dish was inexpensive during its early history, it has remained a staple of Barbados diet. It is not uncommon to see a dish made of flying fish accompanied by coucou.

The Rhythm and Beat of Barbados

In Barbados, where there is food, there is music. Music is integral to the people of Barbados. Part of the reason you will always see smiling faces there is due to their love of music. Forms of music such as calypso, jazz, and reggae are the most well-known in Barbados. It is almost impossible not to feel the unique beat of the reggae sound as you find yourself moving to the rhythm. Once you start, you will not stop.

The People Who Make Up Barbados

If the delightful food and the rhythmic music are not enough to charm you, then the people that make up Barbados surely will.

Upon first meeting a native of Barbados, you will see that these enchanting folk simply love life. They consider life to be a gift and one that is worth enjoying every moment.

For most natives from Barbados, warmth, and inspiration take precedence over worry.

The people that make up Barbados are engaging, friendly, enchanting, and always smiling. One interaction with an individual from Barbados and you will discover that they have captured the secret to life.

So if you are considering a trip to this enchanting land, make sure to soak up the culture. You never know, you may come home dancing and smiling too.

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